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2 years ago

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I work in the NHS, where the base has a large training fund.. I have my wife and changes to see r4yrs but in reality, the same men. unless, in the fest. lol. We will never resonate with people we know. This is what happened this week. we have three pronhub surgeons abroad. Two of them our way at all, but the other mmmm. Let me describe it, 50 looking pronhub broad, but very rare distinction. with a nice ass a big bump. musty, what I like. so that he is only here for a week i heard him in a conversation with an employee, you are asked pronhub if it was nice as york. so, no, he says, but he wanted to go to soho a nice woman, he laughs to satisfy. while for 3 weeks were not met everybody. This is in my opinion, because not only the lady. My wife... at night when I wake I tell her about this child starts to get wet. I fucking say to test the water... most like to meet again, if I could order..... you run with a cry oooo god yes. So the nextDay, as he tells me only three days in the United Kingdom was not all work and play. Could a lady I know yo ur discretion to meet. truth, says he has arranged for your call at 8 pm. hid a room with ste camcorder to capture the baby on the monitor. o dead time he hits. mmm looks so well dressed, going to the robe, as it opens the door to impress. i to come to listen, they said, were soft in the knees when he guessed that was hung too. ? this is what he told me, as I have not seen the movie yet. sat next to her, just pull it on your lap, no face Tonga in any other as he pulls open her dress to have pronhub his hands all over her big tits squeezed as hard as she rubs her clit with his cock growing. can not wait to unpack pronhub slipped...... wow hes so fat, I never had a queue opened pronhub wide when together. ( I would be there when I hear ). She starts to suck his cock while she masturbates hard. now hes hair separating growl lishes an animal ke in seconds into his lap trying to get his cock in pronhub her wet pussy. She rides his horse s stunning orgasm, fuck it hard to change the position he takes pronhub from behind. I hear her say I love doggystyle dying to take a peak, like me, he'd play with it to the camcorder as we know, but is due to the pronounced see. Instead, my semen straw hard cock quickly. masturbating so hot but hard to stay a little longer. the noise is so cool. After an hour or so it goes, but says he will return before he goes home... I can hardly wait. closed the door while I was there like a dog to lick the soup mmm good. Took a while and then went back to sleep only to wake up the shit, though she was too sore. i can not wait for his return, to see the band. I will post soon

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